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Hello, we welcome you to Tuscaloosa Tree Service! Are you searching for a tree service near you? Well, we offer tree care throughout Tuscaloosa County, AL! When we trim trees, we strive to provide professional tree service at affordable prices for Crimson Tide fans. Whether you’re in Tuscaloosa, AL or Northport, AL, we can safely treat your lawn. We proudly highlight a fully licensed, insured, and bonded team of experts. Sometimes uprooted trees can be dangerous, so we attempt to provide emergency service in the area. As the #1 rated tree service in Tuscaloosa, we offer great benefits for our customers to enjoy. Since we value our loyal customers, we offer 24/7 emergency help. Do you enjoy waiting for a tree to fall? Neither do we, so you can always take advantage of our emergency service. We look forward to taking care of your trees. When we remove stumps in Tuscaloosa County, we do our very best! If you need tree care help, don’t be afraid to give us a ring!

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Why should you hire Tuscaloosa Tree Service?

First, we are very experienced! We have proudly served Alabama for over ten years. Since the 8th most dangerous job in the United States is Tree Removal, we advise you to hire a company with at least a few years of experience. Second, we are licensed, insured, and bonded! Should any damage occur while we are providing our service, our clients are always 100% protected from any liability. Our team of expert tree professionals has been strictly trained in the art of our business. All our employees follow safety guidelines that work to your property, and our staff. Our employees are never left in a sticky situation, for they know we treat our employees and customers like family.​​ Last, we offer affordable pricing! After our initial free consultation, we quote a fair price based on our expertise. Being in business for a multitude of years has left us with quite a base of knowledge and experience with tree services. Call us today for your free quote; you may even be pleasantly surprised with our great local rates. 

How did Tuscaloosa Tree Care begin?

Our company has been serving the local community for several years, but our goal has never changed. We began our company striving to provide the local area of Tuscaloosa with affordable, top-notch tree service. For us, removing trees is deeper than it seems. Our home is right here in Tuscaloosa, where the Crimson Tide play for Nick Saban, and we are proud to show off our beautiful trees, shrubs, timber, and wood to visitors.

Throughout our youth, we worked for tree service companies during summers. From a young age we learned how expert tree cutters, tree trimmers, and tree climbers went about their business. Cutting down trees still brings us joy, as it brings us back to the memory of that first tree we fell with our Dads in our ripped t-shirts and jeans. In the past few years, we have learned quite a bit about safely and efficiently removing trees in Tuscaloosa. Our growth isn’t stagnant; we continue to learn and improve our premier service. We are the #1 rated tree service because of our experience, skills, and equipment.

Why should you hire a tree service company?

Do you know what the most dangerous job in the United States is? Logging workers have the most dangerous job! They rank in front of roofers, aircraft pilots, and deep sea fisherman! On a typical afternoon, we use motorized machinery and hand tools to cut down large trees. Per 100,000 workers, the tree industry has a fatal injury rate of 135.9 and a non-fatal injury rate of 2,449. The specialized equipment needed to safely complete tree work is the sole reason for high bids. In order to make money after purchasing expensive equipment, we must price slightly higher than a company running around with just a chainsaw. If you receive a very cheap bid, we advise you to think twice about it. Smaller companies can usually work for cheaper, for they have no advanced equipment that is needed to get the job done safely. When it comes to companies in Tuscaloosa, stay with the established companies.

Our company possesses the advanced equipment and expensive insurance to provide our local community with the top-tier tree care. Small companies can’t afford the equipment or the insurance. Without a properly insured tree company, you may fall liable for their mistakes. Improperly insured tree care services are a risk to your property and a significant risk to the workers climbing the trees. Please protect yourself and the amazing workers in our line of work. We employ arborists which are very skilled in the job. Your trees are under safe hands with us. We have a vast and wide experience in meeting all of Alabama’s tree needs. But, you’ll never tell if you don’t experience it.

What are the benefits of a tree service in Tuscaloosa?

The importance of trees is neglected most times by homeowners and the general public, but it is no doubt that trees are a very beautiful and lovely way to spice up your landscape. There’s a great difference between a home that has beautiful trees to grace its surroundings and one that doesn’t. Trees change the look of your home and environment whether you’re planting new ones or removing potentially hazardous stumps or branches. In this regard, planting trees is a fantastic option to increase the value of your home. Sure, trees main benefit is the increased value they bring. But trees also have other important functions most homeowners never think about.  ​

Healthy Trees: Dead branches on a tree lead to infection and disease. We advise you regularly trim branches and remove dead limbs to prevent your precious trees from these deadly threats. At Tuscaloosa Tree we love providing our friends, family, and colleagues with the premier tree service in town. Call the professionals today, and we will come doctor your trees.

Maintainable Sized Trees: As anything that doesn’t stop growing, trees will need hair cuts from time to time. When a tree is too large, it may look bad and block the beloved natural light from entering your home. Trimming your tree properly will maintain the perfect size and shape in your yard. Don’t leave your trees to fend for themselves, trust the neighborhood experts.

Prevent Leaf Raking in the Fall: If you’re anything like us, we dread raking leaves (although we do provide this service). Each year, it seems like the leaves keep multiplying and the workload keeps increasing. Having professional tree experts trim your tree properly will decrease your workload dealing with leaves in the fall. Not to mention the added aesthetic for your property.

Fruit Trees will Yield Delicious Fruit: Did you know that pruning of Apple Trees in the winter leads to more explosive growth in the beloved springtime? The removal of extra branches ensures that nutrients are used to produce fruits at a higher volume. Who doesn’t want better tasting fruit and more of it?

For the reasons explained above, you need to give the trees on your property the attention they need. Most homeowners only care for their tress when heavy storms and wind pass through Tuscaloosa. You should take care of your trees the same way you treat other parts of your home. By trimming it regularly, removing stumps, pruning, or even planting new trees, your tree health will drastically improve. If you are googling, “Tree Services near me”, or “Tuscaloosa AL Tree Care” then we are the company for you to call. We offer our services in a way most tree service companies don’t. With us, you don’t need to worry about hanging branches or the fact that your tree is blocking or shielding natural light from entering your home. We pay attention to little details and ensure that we do your job for you as smoothly as possible. If you have been searching for a company that offers tree services, then look no further as we have got you covered.

Our Tree Care Services

We know that for different reasons, trees and important. Having this in mind, we treat your trees with great care, whether it is for residential or commercial use. We offer a wide range of tree services from the usual and normal tree maintenance to emergencies concerning trees. With high professionalism in the job, we are talented, skilled and easy to work with. You should choose us for your tree services in Tuscaloosa for many reasons with the number one being that we are well-experienced in the job and never fall short of expectations. Our customer satisfaction is our top priority, and therefore we do a perfect job, so they can look forward to working with us again in the future.

Emergency Tree Services

As long as you have trees in your company, a tree emergency can happen at any time. Since it is quite unpredictable, you are most times not prepared for it. The causes of tree emergencies fall under soil erosion and damages from wind or storm. We have the experience and capability to take care of any kind of tree emergencies. Unfortunately, Tuscaloosa is prone to massive storms, and tornadoes. These natural catastrophes lead to fallen or leaning trees throughout your property and all of Tuscaloosa County. We look forward to providing you emergency tree service! If you notice any potentially hazardous trees, limbs, or branches, then call us now! We will eliminate the risk that trees impose on non-assuming homeowners and their precious properties. We look forward to providing excellent service soon, especially storm damage cleanup.

Tree Removal

If you need to remove a tree, then we are the right choice for you as we know how to get the job well properly. You may want to completely remove a tree from its roots for various reasons which may be an infection of the tree, roots clashing with the foundation of your home, the tree’s growing size and so on. Whichever one it is, you need to hire professional arborists as the task of tree removal can be arduous and quite dangerous. We are the professional you’re seeking for and we apply safety rules during tree removal in Tuscaloosa. Also, if you need crane-assisted tree removal, we offer that service too. However, you want it, you just need to inform us, and you will have it done.

Tree Cutting

Appropriately cutting your trees is what we know best. We believe that every tree is special. We provide our best treatment on every tree, regardless of size. We never fail to put safety first when carrying out tree cutting services to ensure that our client’s property is safe too. We are more than happy to assist you with tree cutting in Tuscaloosa, AL around the clock. When you are faced with tree service needs, don’t hesitate to give us a ring. We pride ourselves on fast tree removal.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

You need to trim your trees for many reasons with one being that trimming helps to maintain their beauty and shape. Trees with overhanging branches may not be attractive to look at. Apart from that, trimming your trees regularly prevents it from decaying and supports the healthy growth of young trees. It is necessary that you hire a reputable tree service company to trim of your trees in Tuscaloosa because an unprofessional arborist may split your trees in the process of trimming. We have professionals that can handle trimming and pruning of all tree-types. Generally speaking, there are two methods we can use when providing stump removal services. Option #1 includes using a backhoe, and unearthing the stump and root altogether. This method is typically damaging to the rest of the yard, so we recommend using a stump grinder. With this method, we simply grind the stump until it is below the surface of the earth. As you may expect, option #2 is less damaging and reasonably priced. To learn more, read our blog, “Stump Removal – Backhoe vs. Stump Grinding”.

Stump Removal

We have all the experience needed for a clean stump removal from start to finish. Removing a tree stump can be a little bit tricky but as skilled arborists, we know our way around it. Count on us and see the magic. ​We pride ourselves on our customer service. Included with our Tuscaloosa stump removal service, we will clear away the wood chips and tree debris, and repair any damages caused by our tree service experts. Additionally, we offer a re-seeding service to cover up the area and hide the fact that a tree stump was once poking out of the ground.

Stump Grinding

To remove a tree stump completely, stump grinding is the best and perfect option. We have all the equipment needed for a successful stump grinding, which includes a team of well-trained arborists. For your stump grinding in Tuscaloosa, reach out to us. With over a decade of experience, there is no job that we can’t complete at a high level of work. We are a passionate group of guys excited to give customers high end tree service & care. Our work speaks for ourselves and we pride ourselves on the face that we get tons of work off of word of mouth referrals. Let us show you what Tuscaloosa Tree is all about.

Tree Planting

Having said earlier that trees add to the general outlook, style, and beauty of a home, you can decide to plant trees to make your home have that graceful and stylish look. We are a tree service company that is all about trees and everything concerning it, especially the well-being of our beautiful Earth. This means that apart from offering tree services, we also help you plant new trees, whether you leave it up to us or need our assistance, we are always ready to help you.

Land and Lot Clearing

We can all agree that this is a stressful, arduous and overwhelming task but it all comes easy with us. We have everything needed, from equipment to manpower, to ensure that we solve all your land and lot clearing problems. We believe in safety and also ensure that we do not tamper with our client’s property. We do a clean and perfect clearing which you can reckon with.
Those are the services we offer as a tree service company and the icing on the cake is that we are experienced in the job. If you are in Tuscaloosa, Coker, Cottondale, or Northport and you need any of them, then try to reach out to us. One of our greatest priorities is the satisfaction of all our clients all over Tuscaloosa. In this regard, we do not play with our job and make sure we give the best of the best. Reach out to us today and let’s get that tree business started!
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